We would love to hear about your remodeling plans. Feel free to bounce your ideas off of us. If you are wanting to renovate your home but you are not sure where to start, our blog has some great tips for starting such as determining your budget and what you want to accomplish. We can also help you plan and present to you options to ensure that you get the most value out of your remodel project.

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“It’s almost done.” We hear this all the time and if you have friends that take on projects themselves, you’ve probably heard this too. Renovating on your own can sometimes be fun but all to often it leads to a pile of tools and supplies sitting in a room while your other room has a torn up floor…that is until you finish it. Getting a project to 90% is the easy part. That last 10% is difficult when you’re juggling your regular responsibilities.

Not only will we take your project to 100% but we’ll also ensure the project site is cleaned up and looking great so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your home.

“Tre and his team helped to correct a mess made by another contractor in our new home. I like the fact that he was empathetic. He worked with us to bail us out of what was a very frustrating situation.” Olu F. of Brentwood, TN

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